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You are a fly stuck in a computer!

Roll dice to move about the motherboard to collect Energy. Use that energy to power up the computer components (CPU, Graphics Card, Memory, etc.) and use capacitors to strategically assemble the components on your motherboard for extra points, but watch out! Resistors can pop and you can cause a short circuit and get Zapped!

All you need is a pen(cil), and 2 regular (D6) dice!

Can you fully assemble your Motherboard before you get fried?! Or get some of your techy friends and compete to build you motherboard or varying boards and score the most points!


Price: Free!
Players: 1-6
Time: 10+ mins
Age: Any


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Just played--got 16 points! IT Worker! Almost got zapped too many times, but I placed all the components, lol

I think the rules could be a bit clearer--it took me a bit to figure out that "movement" means the number of spaces you are allowed to move and "direction" determines the direction--I initially couldn't figure out what movement meant in this context, because the rules barely clarified. I was able to figure it out, though!

I played it on a drawing program on my computer, and I drew and erased my position each turn--I definitely feel I would've had a better time actually printing it out and using a penny or some kind of marker to mark my place. I think the latter might have been your intention, so I won't hold that against you lol.

I also think it would be better if I'd played it with friends, instead of going solo--i think you intended it as a multiplayer game, haha or that's the impression I get anyway

Good game! Keep going!